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Why Choose a Cash Physical Therapist?

By DigiSquid | November 27, 2019

When deciding how to go about seeking treatment for an injury, one has many factors to consider including the following: What type of health practitioner should I seek help from? Once I decide which type of health practitioner I want to see (physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.), how do I discern which specific practice is the […]

1 on 1 Time is A Key Component of Successful Rehab

By DigiSquid | November 27, 2019

As I’ve mentioned before, a cash practice setting allows for me to operate seeing only 1 patient per hour vs. insurance based clinic practitioners who can see between 2-4 patients per hour. In this scenario, it is guaranteed that the cash practitioner will spend more time with the patient per hour vs the insurance based […]

The Shortcomings of Manual Therapy

By DigiSquid | November 27, 2019

Many practitioners rely on some type of manual therapy interventions i.e spinal manipulations, massage, dry needling, cupping. There are several reasons why practitioners tend to rely on manual therapy including the following: It creates quick results that impress the patient and become a good selling point for follow up visits Many patients see it as […]


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